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http://www.wheredoyouwanttowork.com is a web site created and hosted by THE SIERRA GROUP, INC., a nationally acclaimed rehabilitation engineering consulting company.

Over the last 10 years, Sierra consultants have assisted many individuals with disabilities in fulfilling their vocational goals and dreams. In doing so, we were inspired to develop a process by which individuals can ask themselves some revealing questions, and in essence, BUILD THEIR OWN PERSONAL PLAN FOR ACHIEVEMENT.

Those who take the time to work at answering the questions posed when they Sign Up and Login, and those who prepare a complete portfolio on themselves, their desires, their limits, and their own ways around limitation will find that OPPORTUNITY not only AWAITS, but that workplace success is attainable.

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When answering the questions remember that YOU are responsible for your own destiny. By becoming actively aware of WHO you are and what specific tools and resources you have to overcome vocational difficulty, YOU will answer the question, where do I want to work, AND how can I make that employment dream a reality.

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